Our Mission & Vision

HSTT Solutions is an international company envisioned as a provider of innovative products to aid health care industry professionals.
Our team is built of engineers, inventors and marketing professionals. We have bases in two continents - North America and Europe - and are constantly seeking new ideas to add to our product portfolio.

We are a small but intelligent and efficient team, our main purpose to assist people who've dedicated their lives to helping others; health care professionals.
We believe there is much to improve in today’s health care methods and we are trying to combine the most ancient and the newest healthcare practices and knowledge from around the world into our unique products.

We believe that the future of healthcare lies in comprehensive analysis of the complete body, not just the body parts with recognized symptoms. This analysis is followed by the application of targeted individualized treatment for specific conditions.

In our SMART CLINIC, we've grouped 3 products that will assist health care professionals seeking to add value to their established practice. All of our products are non-invasive and can be used in any setting – from DIY healthcare, caregiver’s practices, senior care, sports medicine to regular medical practices.

Boris Kusic

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Boris Kusic spent his professional career in IT field, mainly supporting different types of industry ranging from governmental agencies, financial institutions to medical firms.

In collaboration with CGK GmbH, he was responsible for implementing first time usage of OCR technology for the Census in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, closely cooperate with corresponding governmental agencies.


Tatjana Papo Kusic

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Tatjana Papo Kusic started her professional career in 1996 as a Sales and Financial Management trainee at Siemens Ltd. A year after she joins Ericsson Nikola Tesla as a developement engineer, moving her way upwards to Head of training center. She joined Siemens AG Croatia in 1995 as Head of Technical support, only to change the position in 1997 to Head of Sales for fix network.

From 2001 to this day, Ms. Papo Kusic has established ownership and co-ownership of total of five companies, with the main focus being on IT solutions.


Aida Poparic

Head of Marketing and Communications

Aida Poparic joined HSTT Solutions as a Project Manager in 2014, after receiving diploma from Marketing and Effective Business Communicatios from University of Cambridge. She is in the process of starting her graduation thesis in the field of Marketing for the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb.